Po krátkej chorobe zomrel náhle 19-ročný herec, rodičia sú zdrvení

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Po krátkej chorobe náhle zomrel mladý, len 19-ročný anglický herec, Archie Lyndhurst, syn herca Nicholasa Lyndhursta. Mladík sa stal známym vďaka komediálnej šou stanice CBBC, So Awkward.


Hercovu smrť potvrdila televízna stanica vo štvrtok 1. októbra. „Je nám veľmi ľúto, že vám musíme povedať, že Archie Lyndhurst, ktorý tak vynikajúco hral Ollieho v seriáli So Awkward na stanici CBBC, zomrel po krátkej chorobe. Archie bude nesmierne chýbať všetkým, ktorí s ním spolupracovali, a všetkým fanúšikom, ktorí sa v šou smiali spolu s Olliem. “

Archieho rodičia pre BBC vo vyhlásení uviedli, že v týchto ťažkých časom žiadajú súkromie.

Mladý herec sa objavil aj v komédii BBC “Bad Education”.

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Archie, I can’t even believe I am writing this. It’s taken me a while to be able to find things to say as I am at an absolute loss for words. You were the most beautiful soul I have ever known, the most unique, loving and caring person on this planet. My heart is completely broken knowing I that I can never see you again, never speak to you again and never hug you again. Thank you so much for being you, an absolute light in this sometimes very dark world. You were the best Godbrother I could ever have asked for and you were always by my side through my harder moments. We also shared my most favourite moments of my life so far. What can I say, We were together through thick and thin. I’ll never forget the mornings you’d come downstairs and say ‘Mornin Dud’. I’ll never forget when we first started filming the show. We were all 13 and learning how to deal with stress and the long hours. But you came and sat in the girls bathroom with us for an hour, you made us cry with laughter. You helped us forget everything that was going on and we left with pain from laughing so hard. For the past 7 years, you’ve never failed to have my back, You always knew how to make me feel better and gave me arm tickles on demand. You had such a bright future ahead of you, the world clearly wasn’t ready for what you had in store for us. It’s gonna be so much harder going about my days without you and I just hate to believe that you’re gone. I just know you’re showing them how it’s done, wherever you are. I’ll miss you forever Archie Lyndhurst 🤍

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